Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wines of Balkans Discovers Caplar

Bastijana was delighted to welcome Dusan Jelic from Wines of Balkans to Jelsa recently as part of a major wine press trip after Dalmacija Wine Expo, and we sent him home with a bottle of Caplar as a memory of Dusan's visit to Jelsa. 

Dusan, who will be spending the month of June in Jelsa and working with Hvar's winemakers, opened the bottle this evening, and had the following impressions:

I had a glass of Tomić Caplar 2009 from Hvar island, that I got as a present from the winemaker himself a few weeks ago. Alc. level is 14.3% & Caplar is a blend of 50% Plavac Mali & 50% Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine lingers and resonates inside my body for a long while... fabulous notes of the smoothest possible Plavac mali & some powerful elegance of Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the wine that automatically puts you in a mode of love... Meaty, even juicy, a gentle kiss of forest floor freedom, flirtatious notes of dark fruits crowned with wild strawberries... A brilliant rendition of countless hours of sunshine Hvar is exposed to every year & truly a great wine that now drinks absolutely beautifully! 18.5/20 (93/100) points!

Thanks Dusan, and we looking forward to seeing you in Jelsa next month. 

Tomic Wines Recommended by Huffington Post

Bastijana was delighted to host a group of international journalists recently, who were on a 6-day tour of Italy and Hvar, as part of the Adristorical Lands project. The winery hosted a wine tasting and dinner for the journalists on what was a very pleasant evening, with several languages spoken.

Among the visitors was Rupert Parker from influential publication Huffington Post, who has just posted this interesting report on the whole trip, including a recommendation for Tomic wines. Thanks Rupert! 

Tomic in Norway: An Exclusive Tasting in Oslo

Bastijana was delighted to take part in an exclusive tasting of Hvar wines at Restaurant Baltazar in Oslo last night, an event attended by the Croatian Ambassador to Norway and several leading wine figures from Scandivania.

Seven Croatian winemakers, including five from Hvar, had their wines presented by sommelier Robert de Young, who has a house in Jelsa, a total of 48 wines in all. Of the 19 wines which received special commendation, four were from our winery - Beleca, Opolo Rose, Plavac Barrique and Sveti Klement.

Many thanks to Robert for organising the tasting and for the promotion. A list of attendees can be found below:

Mr.& Mrs. Mario Horvatic Croatian Ambassador to Norway
Dag Tjærsland owner of Baltazar Restaurant and sommelier
Arne Ronold Master of Wine, editor of Vinforum
Aase E. Jacobsen, editor of Aperitif
Elizabeth Heyerdahl Lampe -sommelier
Robert De Young-sommelier
Lena Hansen-owner of Bacchus restaurant- sommelier
Henrik Feuring-sommelier Baltazar Restaurant

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wine and Weddings: A Californian Couple Marry in a Vineyard in Jelsa

While our main business is wine, Bastijana is also more than happy to accommodate requests to combine our wines and facilities for other events, and the winery hosts a range of different events throughout the year.

Weddings for example. If you are looking for an alternative way to tie the knot, why not consider a catered wedding in the vineyards and winery of Bastijana? Ben and Justina from California, who fell in love with Hvar and its wines, returned several years later and got married in one of our vineyards in Jelsa last summer.

To see more of their special day, including the reception at the Bastijana cellars, check out the Hvar TV video of the wedding below. If you are interested in our wedding services, please contact us on the details below:

 Bastijana d.o.o.
21465 Jelsa, Otok Hvar, Hrvatska

Tel./faks: +385 (0)21 768 160
Mob: +385 (0)91 763 0988 (Sebastijan)
Mob: +385 (0)91 539 8995 (Andro)

e–mail: bastijana@st.t-com.hr

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beleca - "Le vin blanc le plus inattendu de la soirée"

It is always pleasing to come across positive comments about the Tomic range of wines online, perhaps all the more so when the comments come from a Bordeaux Wine Club...

It appears that the Beleca 2010 was part of a tasting in the French wine heartland last night, as wine club Phileas StraVINarius posted a picture of the Beleca label on their Instagram page, with the message:

"Le vin blanc le plus inattendu de la soirée"

which translates as 'the most unexpected white wine of the evening'. We are glad you enjoyed the Beleca, and look forward to welcoming you to Bastijana, where there are perhaps more unexpected treasures to discover. Learn more at www.bastijana.hr 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bastijana Welcomes Radio Sweden to Jelsa

With the Prošek v Prosecco debate shows no sign of abating, so too the stream of international media visitors continues to seek out the views of leading Prošek producer, Andro Tomić.

Bastijana was delighted to welcome Jens Moller from Radio Sweden, who interviewed Andro over a tasting of some of the Tomić range in the Bastijana cellars earlier this week.

The media attention will intensify tonight, as Bastijana hosts a tasting and dinner for ten international journalists on a 2-day tour of Hvar as part of the Adristorical Lands project.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wine Boutique: Taste the Tomić Range in the Family Home

While the majority of tastings take place in the Bastijana winery on the edge of Jelsa, there is also the possibility to discover the Tomić range in the intimacy of the family home, as Andro has converted the basement of the house into a fine tasting room, complete with authentic stone walls and traditional artifacts.

From the Bastijana website:

We have also renovated the wine cellar of our family house in the old town centre where our wines can be tasted within the context of the winemaking traditions of the island Hvar.

The wine boutique is the tasting venue located in the renovated wine cellar of the family house in the old town centre of Jelsa. Alongside the gallery of wines and objects that testify to the years of wine growing and oenophilia that runs in the family, in the wine boutique's relaxed atmosphere you will also be able to experience the meeting of past and the island life that today still goes on in that old street.

The konoba is also open during the season for walk-in tastings and purchases. To reach the konoba from Jelsa's main square, walk past the main church and continue up the main path through the heart of the old town and the konoba is on the left after about 30 metres. To organise tastings, please contact us at:

+385 (0)21 768 160, +385 (0)91 339 8995, e–mail: bastijana@st.t-com.hr, www.bastijana.hr or follow us on Facebook.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tomić Interviewed by BBC on Prošek Scandal

The Prošek v Prosecco debate shows no sign of abating, and the Croatian winemakers are keeping up the pressure in an attempt to overturn this absurd ruling. As one of the country's leading producers of prošek, Bastijana has been in the international media recently, as Associated Press visited Jelsa to get the opinions of Hvar's winemakers, and the resulting Associated Press article was distributed around the world via various media outlets.

Bastijana was in the news again on May 7, as Janica Tomić, daughter of Andro, gave an interview to the BBC on the scandal, which featured on the BBC Podcast of the day (you can listen to it here by clicking on this link - the interview starts at 35:10 minutes).  A great performance from Janica, and an interesting admission from the EU spokesperson interviewed that he had not actually tried prošek, although he was familiar with prosecco. Perhaps if the EU bureaucrats got their noses out of the paperwork and looked at the  absurdity of the situation, the decision would be overruled.

The fight continues... 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hvar Wine Association Hosts Press Trip after Dalmacija Wine Expo

A busy weekend for the winemakers of Hvar, as the Hvar Wine Association welcomed a group of seventeen wine journalists after Dalmacija Wine Expo on Sunday. Having sailed into Jelsa from Makarska, the group headed to Bastijana to meet Andro, who took them on a tour of the winery and its wines. The group then continued to Ivan Dolac, where they were introduced to the wines of Caric and PZ Svirce, before proceeding to Zlatan Otok and Ivo Dubokovic, also finding time to visit the oldest plavac mali vineyard in Dol. To read more about the trip, click here

A Man in the News: Tomić Features in La Revue du Vin de France

It is not just Associated Press which is writing about Andro Tomić. The highly-regarded La Revue du Vin de France - described by Jancis Robinson as "France's only serious wine magazine" - has featured Tomić in its latest edition, see below. It is not the first time that Bastijana has been in the prestigious French magazine, having appeared in 2009 in an article entitled The Best Wines of Croatia.

Learn more Tomić wines on the official website, or why not follow them on Facebook?

Why Not Combine Your Sailing Holiday with Wine Tasting? An Elite Club

Sailing is becoming an increasingly popular way of seeing the Croatian coast, and the good news for wine lovers is that there are some fantastic places to moor up and try some of the country's top wines. Bastijana has teamed up with three other leading producers - Boskinac on the island of Pag, Korta Katarina in Orebic on Plejesac and neighbour Ivo Dubokovic in Jelsa, to produce a glossy brochure with the top wine destinations for the nautical tourist.

If you would like to book a tour of the Tomic winery, we would be delighted to see you. Please contact us at

Tel./faks: +385 (0)21 768 160
Mob: +385 (0)91 763 0988 (Sebastijan)
Mob: +385 (0)91 539 8995 (Andro)

e–mail: bastijana@st.t-com.hr

Bastijana Welcomes Florence Hartmann to Jelsa

There are plenty of interesting visitors to the Bastijana winery in Jelsa, and they are all very welcome. Bastijana was delighted to welcome Florence Hartmann, journalist and former spokesperson from of The Hague Tribunal's chief prosecutor, Carla del Ponte. Thank you for your visit Florence - we hope you enjoyed the wines and we look forward to seeing you again soon on Hvar.

Tomic Wines Part of Exclusive Hvar Tasting in Oslo

Bastijana is delighted to announce it is taking the first steps towards entering the Norwegian market by participating in an exclusive tasting of Croatian - mainly Hvar - wines in Oslo later this month. The tasting will be invitation only, with about 12 of Norway's leading wine experts - from wine schools and retailers, to sommeliers and journalists. It will be hosted at the exclusive Baltazar restaurant on May 26. More details below.

Invitation to Croatian Wine Tasting

With a wine tradition dating back thousands of years, Croatian wines will allow you to taste the Mediterranean at its best. Robert De Young would like to invite you to sample some of the best wines from this beautiful country from some of its top producers:

Vlado Krauthaker-Kutjevo/Slavonia
Andro Tomic-Jelsa/Hvar
Ivo Caric Wines-Svirce/Hvar
PZ Svirce-Svirce/Hvar
Zlatan Otok-Sveta Nedjelja/Hvar
Alen Bibic-Skradin/Dalmatia
Ivo Dubokovic-Jelsa/Hvar

De Young has a home on the island of Hvar and is therefore well acquainted with the vintners of Croatia.
Welcome to Baltazar, where Dag Tjersland will serve finger food well suited to the wines.

Sunday 26.05.2013
KL 16:00
Robert De Young
Croatian Wines- 90150057

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Andro Tomic Interviewed by Associated Press on Prošek Scandal

(AP Photo/Darko Bandic) ( Darko Bandic )

Bastijana was once again in the international spotlight yesterday, as owner Andro Tomic gave an interview to Associated Press on the Prošek scandal. As Croatia's leading Prošek producer, the winery has been in demand by the media for its position on the threat to the centuries-old name, which is now under threat due to some perceived confusion with Prosecco. Bastijana hosted a press trip in Jelsa on April 27, 2013. Read the interview below.

To join EU, Croatia may give up its wine

JELSA, Croatia - Does Croatia's Prosek jeopardize Italy's Prosecco?

Croatia is gearing up to celebrate its entry into the EU, but don't pop the corks just yet. A heated trademark battle over the country's beloved sweet dessert wine has some feeling less than bubbly, mirroring rapidly declining enthusiasm among Croats for membership in the economically battered bloc.

The EU has ruled that once the Balkan country becomes its 28th member on July 1, Prosek can no longer be sold under that name across the EU , even at home. It maintains that Prosek's name is too similar to Prosecco, Italy's sparkling beverage.

And, it's not just Prosek that's in trouble of disappearing. EU member Slovenia claims Croatia has no right to market Teran, a red wine made in the northern tip of the Adriatic shared by Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Croats are fiercely proud of their wine, a cherished product of the sunny, rocky Croatian islands on the aquamarine Adriatic sea. Many Croatians have sacrificed for EU membership, including losing jobs in unprofitable state-funded companies ordered shut by the bloc, and some see the wine ruling as adding insult to injury.

Joining the EU will give Croatia access to new markets and its citizens freedom to work in other countries, but some Croatians are beginning to agree with other EU residents who have chafed at what they consider interference by bureaucrats in Brussels. When Croatia gained independence from Yugoslavia in a bloody war some 20 years ago, about 75 percent of its population of 4.3 million wanted to be a part of the EU. The latest polls show the number has dropped to 45 percent.

Croatians point out that Prosek and Prosecco are different products, one sweet, the other bubbly. And the Croatian brand has a tradition dating back centuries, whereas Prosecco is a product of the latter half of the 20th century.

"Prosek is an established brand that has been produced in these areas for more than two thousand years," Croatian winemaker Andro Tomic said at his Romanesque winery in Jelsa, a picturesque town on the Adriatic island of Hvar. "Prosek was made here long before the current Italian state started to exist."

Click here to read the full article.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Welcome to the Bastijana wine blog!

Welcome to Jelsa, the heart of Hvar wine country!

Croatian wines are finally receiving the international recognition they deserve, and 2013 is an exciting time to be involved in the Croatian wine industry. With EU accession just weeks away, the market opportunities for quality wines from Dalmatia are intriguing, while the 130 indigenous grape varieties that Croatia brings to the world of wine are helping to attract greater interest in the country's wines.

Meet Andro Tomic and the Bastijana winery on Croatia's premier island of Hvar. Educated in the vineyards of France and located in the Hvar wine town of Jelsa, Tomic is one of Croatia's most charismatic and innovative winemakers, blending international experience and grape varieties with the more traditional sorts of his beloved native Hvar. The results speak for themselves, and Tomic wines are exported as far away as Canada.

The Tomic Wine Blog is an extension of the company's website and social media approach. The blog will be updated regularly, and give an inside view of the wines, philosophy, history and daily life of a passionate winemaker from the island of sun. By way of introduction, check out the video below, and to learn more about Tomic wines, visit the official website or why not follow us on Facebook?