Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pink Day Organisers Women on Wine Vote Tomic Opolo Nobile Best Croatian Rose

These are exciting times for the Croatian rose wine scene, with more and more quality roses coming to the market each year.

So much so in fact that a dynamic group of ladies and wine lovers formed an association five years ago called Women on Wine (WOW), with their main event each year being a great festival called Pink Day, a celebration of the rose wines of Croatia. It is an event which Bastijana is delighted to participate in, and we look forward to next year's edition.

WOW recently celebrated their fifth anniversary, and to honour it, they invited Restaurant Paradigma sommelier Roko Bekavac to a special tasting to find the best red, white and rose in Croatia:

The best rose is the Tomić Opolo Rose. “This rose won us over with aromas of ripe red fruits and fullness of body. It has a light, yet lovely bitter note,” the jury felt.

Read the full report here.

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