Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tomic and Hvar Wine Association Tasting Dates and Locations

This summer sees more wine tastings than ever by the Hvar Wine Association, and Tomic is delighted to be a proud and active supporter of these great events. The tastings typically include five producers from the association (Tomic features in them all), set in pretty Dalmatian squares and with live music. A perfect way to discover Dalmatian tradition and its excellent wines. The dates:

July 17 - Jelsa
July 21 - Stari Grad
July 29 - Vrboska
August 3 - Vrbanj
August 19 - Svirce
August 19 - Jelsa
August 23 - Ivan Dolac

Huffington Post Writer Stephanie Be Meets Andro Tomic in Jelsa

The international promotion of Hvar wine continues, and Bastijana was delighted to welcome influential travel blogger and Huffington Post contributor Stephanie Be earlier this week.

Stephanie was on a whistle-stop 12-hour tour of the island, researching Hvar beyond the party, and she found time to enjoy a tour of the winery and try a selection of the Tomic range.

Thanks for your visit, Stephanie. We hope you enjoyed it, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. 

Andro Tomic Features on HRT1 Susur Jelsa

Some excellent promotion of Jelsa on national television, as Nevena Rendelli and the HRT team spent a week on the island reporting on the characters of Hvar.

Taking centre stage on the main square throughout the show, much of which was broadcast live, was Andro and friends enjoying a little bevanda. You can watch the entire show below, or Andro begins at 17:35.

Tomic and Hvar Wine Tasting in Jelsa Tomorrow Night

The wine promotion continues, and the team from Bastijana will be pouring Tomic wines in the pretty square of St. John in Jelsa, just off the main square, from 21:00, as the Hvar Wine Association conducts its latest tasting event.

All welcome. See you there! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Tomic Prosek: Keeping the Memory of Hvar Alive in Iowa

Wine is about savouring the bottle, but it is also about memories of a place, and while a vacation may come to an end, the memories of a visit to Jelsa can live on long into the future, especially when accompanied by a little glass of Tomic in a faraway place.

A glass of our dessert wine Prosek Hektorovich, for example, and we were delighted to continue to play a part in the Jelsa memories of this Jelsaphile from Iowa, who posted the picture and message above, before leaving the States and heading once more to Jelsa.

Thanks Lee, and we hope you enjoyed, and we hope to see you in our winery on this trip. We have a new Prosek to try, called Moro. 

Tomic and Hvar Wines Featured in Exclusive Poslovni Dnevnik

The Hvar wine story has made significant progress in recent years, with plenty of national and international coverage. Bastijana is a proud member of the very active Hvar Wine Association, and the promotion of the Hvar wine story continues through tastings and press coverage.

The latest very positive promotion which features Andro Tomic and other Hvar winemakers is a special feature in the latest addition of Exclusive Poslovni Dnevnik. 

Meet the Latest in the Tomic Range: Prosek Moro

The Tomic range is expanding...

After the introduction of our Euforija liqueur range and powerful Veliki Plavac Mali last year, now it is time to add to our beloved Hektorovich Prošek dessert wine with another Prošek, Moro, which you can find in our Bastijana winery in Jelsa.

Prošek Moro is a premium sweet dessert wine produced in a traditional way from fully ripe and raisined grapes of the variety Plavac Mali. Moro is sweet and rich but well balanced in taste with the varietal aromas of plums and dark cherries, dried figs, raisins and notes of caramel, leather tobacco and sweet spice. We recommend enjoying it with a variety of desserts, blue cheeses...
Alc.: 15.9 % vol. ; Residual sugar: 90.7 g/l ; Content: 0.5 L