Thursday, February 27, 2014

Looking for Friday Night Company in Split? Dinner with Andro Tomic at the Radisson

Looking for a quality gastro experience in Split tomorrow night? 

Andro Tomic will be among the diners at the Caper Grill Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Resort from 19:30, where the Tomic range will be accompanying a star menu prepared by Radisson chefs.

Full menu below - reserve your seat by calling restaurant manafer Igor Splijak on 098-1717363,

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Can Wine Make Us Look More Beautiful?

We have a friend, Uncle Luka, who claims that drinking wine has 3 phases. First you are pronouncedly smart. Then you are dreadfully strong. And at the end you are awfully beautiful. More to yourself than to the others.

Our Uncle Luka is only fooling around, of course! We all already know that one glass of wine per day can do miracles for our health. But what most people doesn't know is that, lately beauty  salons  are also using wine for their treatments.

So, Uncle Luka you see! We will not comment on the first two phases, but it looks like that wine can make us look more beautiful, indeed! Vines, grapes, seeds and wine are like small laboratories where nature keeps its powerful antioxidants. And because of them we are healthier, we age more slowly and our skin is more beautiful.

Beauty Salons know this, so they react accordingly. They are offering various wine treatments. Wine facial cleansing, grape seed oil massage, wine and honey wraps, anti-aging creams which contain wine powder are all just small part of their rich offer. There is more to wine than just truth. Beauty is in wine, too. And Andro Tomić wears its eternal smile and boyish ardour thanks to his plavac.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Tomic Vineyard Named Best in Central Dalmatia

Bastijana was delighted to receive some official recognition of it new project near Vira, north of Hvar Town, in the form of the award of 'Best Vineyard in Central Dalmatia' at the annual awards ceremony of the ecological organisation Lijepa Nasa in Split yesterday.

Planting for the future of Hvar wines, the vineyard consists of mostly organic Plavac Mali vines, some 14,000 in all, as well as other varieties. Keen to see more? Check out the video taken during the planting of the vines in the video below.

For more information on yesterday's award (in Croatian), click here.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Tomic Wines, Available Throughout Croatia

Bastijana was delighted to receive these photographs from one of our partners recently, promotional shots for a new marketing campaign from one of Croatia's leading small hotels.

We are always pleased to be associated with quality, and the pictures highlight the growing network of bars, restaurants and hotels where Tomic wines are now served. With more than 500 outlets in Croatia, it should be possible to find Tomic wines in all major (and not so major) towns.

We have an excellent relationship with our distributors, who are working hard to make Tomic wines more accessible to you, the consumer. If you are looking to sell Tomic wines, or merely trying to find a place locally to enjoy them, please contact us via our website, and we will put you in touch with the local distributor.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why Should One Drink in Hours and Not in Litres?

Why should one drink in hours, and not in litres?

Wine is something to be enjoy, not to be used as a means of getting drunk. Hedonism generally represents an enjoyment of the senses, which is why we drink wine. Of all the alcoholic beverages, wine is the one best matched to food. Historically wine was used by rulers to seduce the masses. Men and women use it to seduce each other. Artists drink wine for inspiration, food lovers for pleasure. In the life of the common French soldier, wine has an enormous influence on morale.

But there is something more to wine than just pure hedonism. A well-chosen wine will improve the taste of your food, and daily consumption of wine will improve your health as well. People who drink moderate amounts of wine have a lower risk of heart disease, and antioxidants from wine also help your body to dispose of accumulated toxins. On the other hand, if you overdo the wine, you could face severe headache and hangover, mostly due to the alcohol, but also to some other substances too, such as amines, tannins, sulphites… the more you drink, the worse the headache. So, it is always wise to drink wine in moderation, according to your age, physical strength… Or, to put it more poetically, The Measure is in the Pleasure!

Tomic Valentine Promotion at CLO bar in Split

Friday night is one for the romantics, and there will be plenty of options to impress your loved one on Valentine's Day.

Bastijana will be playing its part trying to help the romantic atmosphere, with an evening of special promotional prices of our wines at CLO bar in Split.

How better to impress your lady than with a glass of Beleca or perhaps a glass of Plavac?

CLO bar
Domovinskog rata 104b, 21000 Split
099 211 0203

Monday, February 3, 2014

How Does One Translate the Tomic Slogan into English?

Wine is a gift from God, something to be enjoyed, savoured, certainly not to be rushed. The philosophy at Tomic is nicely encapsulated in the winery's slogan, which in Croatian is "Pije se na ure, ne na litre." But how does one effectively translate that into English to bring across the essence of the sentiment?

Literally translated, it means "One drinks in hours, not in litres." While this brings out the meaning of the phrase, it lacks something, so we asked around for a few suggestions from native speakers of English, and our favourite submission was the following:

The Measure is in the Pleasure.

(with thanks to Noémi Csiki for the excellent suggestion)

We look forward to pouring you a measure for your pleasure this summer at Bastijana. To book your tasting, visit 

Meet the Bastijana Team: Silvana

The face of Andro Tomic is one of the most recognisable on the Croatian wine scene, but who else is behind the success at Bastijana? In the first in a short series, we meet some of the staff here in Jelsa, so that you can get to know them a little better.

First up is Silvana Duzevic, an island girl, who started working at Bastijana last year. A chemist by education, Silvana also speaks excellent English and is our main guide presenting the winery and its wines to visiting groups. With groups of up to 300 people last year, no group is too big!

When not helping visitors get more acquainted with the Tomic range, Silvana's passion is in line with her training - in the laboratory. She is currently working closely with Andro on the development of a new Bastijana product to add to our portfolio - more details soon!

When it comes to her favourite Tomic wine, there is little hesitation - the Plavac Mali Barrique.

"When it comes to wine, I generally prefer red, and I adore powerful wines with a strong aftertaste. As a local girl, plavac is a variety of my childhood and upbringing. The Barrique is a great wine."