Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why Should One Drink in Hours and Not in Litres?

Why should one drink in hours, and not in litres?

Wine is something to be enjoy, not to be used as a means of getting drunk. Hedonism generally represents an enjoyment of the senses, which is why we drink wine. Of all the alcoholic beverages, wine is the one best matched to food. Historically wine was used by rulers to seduce the masses. Men and women use it to seduce each other. Artists drink wine for inspiration, food lovers for pleasure. In the life of the common French soldier, wine has an enormous influence on morale.

But there is something more to wine than just pure hedonism. A well-chosen wine will improve the taste of your food, and daily consumption of wine will improve your health as well. People who drink moderate amounts of wine have a lower risk of heart disease, and antioxidants from wine also help your body to dispose of accumulated toxins. On the other hand, if you overdo the wine, you could face severe headache and hangover, mostly due to the alcohol, but also to some other substances too, such as amines, tannins, sulphites… the more you drink, the worse the headache. So, it is always wise to drink wine in moderation, according to your age, physical strength… Or, to put it more poetically, The Measure is in the Pleasure!

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