Friday, January 24, 2014

Sail to Bastijana with Adriatic Wine Odyssey

Bastijana is delighted to be a partner in an exciting new initiative to promote wine tourism in Croatia. With so many great wineries dotted along the coast and islands, how better to explore than by sea?

Welcome to Adriatic Wine Odyssey, which opens up the wine secrets of the Adriatic to sailing enthusiasts. Here is what they wrote about Tomic:

"A founding father of modern Hvar wines, Andro Tomic has the features of a Greek bust and a Prosek tasting of nectar (maybe the leading example of this dessert wine in Croatia). His cool, elegant cellars are perfect for a tasting of his whole wine range with well-chosen local dishes, anchovies, cheeses and hams. His French is better than his English which somehow adds to his charm, as does his lovely film-maker daughter. Jelsa itself is the quiet one amongst Hvar's harbours, another charming feature."

To learn more, visit their website. We look forward to welcoming all sailors this summer in Jelsa. 

Tomic Plavac 2012 is in the Bottle!

A busy morning at Bastijana, as the 2012 Plavac Mali went for bottling. We are delighted with the quality of the 2012 vintage, with grapes used from the southern-facing vineyards of Svea Nedjelja and Ivan Dolac, with an alcohol content of 13.7%.

Some notes on the 2012 Plavac:

The specific quality of Plavac Tomic wine is the softness and elegance which we try to obtain from the otherwise arrogant nature of this variety. Typical varietal aromas of earth, plum and dark berries are given a finishing touch by a short aging in oak barrels, which gives the wine discreet notes of wood and spices. New Plavac 2012 is characterized by full-bodied flavour and 13,7% of alcohol, mostly due to grapes from the very best locations - the southern slopes of the island of Hvar (Sveta Nedjelja and Ivan Dolac).

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tomic at Bornstein: Hvar Wine Association in Zagreb

A hint of the lavender island in Zagreb, as no less than eight members of the Hvar Wine Association will be in action as Vinoteka Bornstein this Friday, January 24. The event kicks off at 19:00, with tickets at 100 kuna per person.

For more information, check the flyer above or the Bornstein Facebook page.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Andro Tomic and Ibrica Jusic: The Christmas Duet, Watch It Here

With a hedonist such as Andro Tomic at the helm, life can be pretty spontaneous at Bastijana, and one never knows who is going to come through the door with him. A Hungarian couple had an extra special wine tasting just after Christmas last year. Although the winery was closed, a large group had booked a tasting for Hvar Town, and the couple were told that they could join.

The group cancelled at the last minute, leaving the couple to enjoy the company of Andro, his staff and a rather special guest.

The wonderful Ibrica Jusic was at Bastijana to play for the group. Instead, he put on a moving private show for the couple, Andro's sister Tanja and employee Ivo. While most of the singing was solo, Andro of course could not resist joining in (see below).

The couple later reported that it was the top highlight of their trip, both the warm welcome and the performance, as well of course as the wine. You are very welcome, although we cannot promise live music every time... 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Twitter Speaks: A First Taste of Hvar Wine

The rise of social media has meant that information flows much faster these days, and the feelings and impressions of individuals can be expressed in an instant and transmitted around the world.

So in the modern era, what would be more natural after a first taste of Tomic camera than to get out the smartphone, post a picture on Instagram and share those first impressions on Twitter? Something like Phillip Cho did:

phillip cho ‏@d00boy 3h
1st Croatia Hvar wine. Pretty damn great. Get on this people. 

We are glad you enjoyed, Phillip, and hope you get to try the rest of the Tomic range. Check out the entire Tomic range on our website 

A Bon Viveur Visits Hvar's Roots: The Faros to Paros Project

Wine is nothing without soul, and the philosophy at Bastijana is to live life to the full. There is no better ambassador of this philosophy than Andro himself, and his interests outside winemaking are extensive.

It is just over ten years since he took part in a fascinating project - to visit the island of Paros, whose inhabitans colonised Hvar in 384 BC - with fellow adverturers, Branko Kirigin, archaeologist and leader of the expedition, Aldo Čavić, Stari Grad Centre for Culture head-curator, captain Dean Roić from Hvar Adventure, Ante Žuljević, a junior researcher of the Laboratory for Bento at the Oceanography and Fishing Institute in Split, and Darko Šoša, a painter from Hvar. The expedition was followed by a Croatian National Television (HRT) team, and was guided by well-known researcher and alpinist, Stipe Božić.

It was a fascinating journey, with plenty of wine (a special Faros to Paros label for the expedition), which you can watch in the video below.

Expedition Faros-Paros I by felixfaros

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Hedonist Meets a Hedonist: Tomic in Split Promotion

2014 promises to be a big year for Bastijana, with the increased interest in Croatian wines. Promotion is key of course, and a busy year kicks off on January 8 at Hedonist in Split with a Tomic promotion, with all wines at promotional prices.

A Hedonist at Hedonist...

For more information on Hedonist, visit their Facebook page here. The fun kicks off at 20:00.

Put Firula, 21000 Split
Phone +385 98 644 104

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What to Celebrate the First Day of the Year With? Plavac!

A new year may be upon us, but some things remain the same, such as the best wines for a celebration.

Bastijana was delighted to see the New Year choice of the Podolskis in Vrboska, who posted this picture on Facebook to answer the question: What to celebrate the first day of the year with?

Plavac or course, and we hope they enjoyed the Tomic 2008 Barrique.

We look forward to welcoming you to the winery in Jelsa in 2014 to taste the Tomic range.