Sunday, January 19, 2014

Andro Tomic and Ibrica Jusic: The Christmas Duet, Watch It Here

With a hedonist such as Andro Tomic at the helm, life can be pretty spontaneous at Bastijana, and one never knows who is going to come through the door with him. A Hungarian couple had an extra special wine tasting just after Christmas last year. Although the winery was closed, a large group had booked a tasting for Hvar Town, and the couple were told that they could join.

The group cancelled at the last minute, leaving the couple to enjoy the company of Andro, his staff and a rather special guest.

The wonderful Ibrica Jusic was at Bastijana to play for the group. Instead, he put on a moving private show for the couple, Andro's sister Tanja and employee Ivo. While most of the singing was solo, Andro of course could not resist joining in (see below).

The couple later reported that it was the top highlight of their trip, both the warm welcome and the performance, as well of course as the wine. You are very welcome, although we cannot promise live music every time... 

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