Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tomic and Hvar Wine Association at Jelsa Wine Festival. Tonight!

Tonight sees the main events of one of Jelsa's favourite events, the Jelsa Wine Festival. Donkey races, climbing the pole for the prsut, or just generally having fun, the party in Jelsa is guaranteed to go long into the night.

Bastijana is delighted to support such an event, and the team will be presenting the Tomić range with other members of the Hvar Wine Association - PZ Svirče, Carić, Plenković, Tudor and Vujnović - at Veli Most starting at 21:00. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Andro Tomic Features in Excellent Overview of Prosek

With all the build-up to EU entry and the Prosek scandal, there were plenty of journalists heading to Jelsa to speak to Andro Tomic about his thoughts both on the proposed name ban and the prospects of winemakers in the new Europe.

While many journalists skirted around the issues surrounding the differences between the two beverages, none has done such as comprehensive analysis as Bastijana friend and owner of Wines of Croatia, Cliff Rames from New York, who yesterday posted an excellent article - Are You Pro-Prošek? 12 Reasons Why You Should Be - which featured Andro Tomic and his famous Hektorovic Prosek. An excellent overview to the absurdity of the proposal - read the article here

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Andro Tomic Among the Judges at Puhijada 2013

Andro Tomic was delighted to be invited once again to this year's Puhijada in Dol to be among the judges of the village's winemakers. The Puhijada, or dormouse festival, is one of the most popular and individual festivals on the island, and will showcase the traditions of the inland village near Stari Grad.

Events will include art exhibitions, a balote tournament and a feast with live music on Saturday - including dormice on the grill. Andro will be meeting the village's winemakers with fellow judges Ivo Dubokovic and Ljubo Makjanic from Vina Caric on Tuesday at 2100 in the bar Trocadero in Dol. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Andro Tomic Meets the Croatian Prime Minister

The town of Jelsa was delighted to welcome Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic to the annual festive council meeting today, as part of the celebrations for tomorrow's Jelsa Day.

Andro Tomic was delighted to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Jelsa council, and he stood up to saw a few words, before having a long chat with the prime minister after the formalities had been concluded.

150 Years of Family Wine Tradition: Tomic Unveils Vine Plaque

Basijana welcomed more than 100 guests to the winery last night for the unveiling of a new plaque in the main entrance hall in gratitude for to a vine which has been part of the family house in Jelsa for 150 years. 

On the plaque, Andro pays tribute to the vine of the Cibib variety for providing shade and a sweet taste for 150 years to the family. 

There were numerous speakers after Andro's introduction, including famous gastronom Veljko Barbieri.

Guests were then led down to the basement for some refreshment, including a selection of the Tomic range. It was a jovial evening and it did not take long for the guitar to come out, and the assembled crowd was in fine voice.

If you would like to see the vine, it is a beautiful site and is growing on the side of the family house in the centre of Jelsa, where Tomic also houses wine tastings and sales every evening during the season from 1930. From the main square, walk past the church and continue straight for 30 metres and the house and wine cellar is on the left. More information here.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Appreciation of the Tomic Opolo Rose by Delphine Veissiere

It is always nice to receive good feedback on our wines, and also to know that they contribute in some way to the enjoyment of a holiday in Croatia.

It is all the more pleasing when that positive feedback comes from wine experts such as Delphine Veissiere, who is a business strategist and specialist of old world wines, Champagne expert and sparkling wines around the world. Wine Tasting & Business Academy owner (learn more here), who tweeted the picture above with the following message:

Croatian rosé, well-made, fresh and fruity, easy to drink now in front of an amazing sea view! #Plavac #Tomic #Hvar

Thank you Delphine, and we hope you enjoyed the rest of the bottle and the rest of your holiday. To try the rosé and the rest of our wines, why not organise a tasting at the Bastijana winery in Jelsa? More info here.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Andro Tomic Interviewed on HRT Hrvatska Uzivo - Watch It Here

HRT TV spent the day filming on Hvar recently, including a feature with the Hvar Wine Association. Andro Tomic and association president, Ivana Krstulovic Caric, were among those interviewed in the report, which you can watch here. The Hvar wine piece starts at 35:38 (and make sure the date in the bottom right corner is 07.08 to get the right day). 

Tomic and Hvar Wine Association Tasting in Stari Grad Tonight

The busy Bastijana wine tasting season continues tonight in one of Hvar's prettiest squares, Skor in Stari Grad.

The Hvar Wine Association will be in action from 21:30 offering a selection of the island's wines for tasting, and there will be live music from The Leedham Sisters and Rade Solaja, and if recent tastings are anything to go by, plenty of dancing! See you there!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tomic Wine Tasting at Hotel Adriana in Hvar Town Tomorrow

Bastijana is delighted to announce that it will be presenting its wines at leading Hvar Hotel Adriana tomorrow night from 20:00. The tasting will take place at the Val Marina restaurant overlooking Hvar's exclusive harbour. To reserve your place, call the Suncani Hvar concierge on +385 (0) 21-750200.