Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Appreciation of the Tomic Opolo Rose by Delphine Veissiere

It is always nice to receive good feedback on our wines, and also to know that they contribute in some way to the enjoyment of a holiday in Croatia.

It is all the more pleasing when that positive feedback comes from wine experts such as Delphine Veissiere, who is a business strategist and specialist of old world wines, Champagne expert and sparkling wines around the world. Wine Tasting & Business Academy owner (learn more here), who tweeted the picture above with the following message:

Croatian rosé, well-made, fresh and fruity, easy to drink now in front of an amazing sea view! #Plavac #Tomic #Hvar

Thank you Delphine, and we hope you enjoyed the rest of the bottle and the rest of your holiday. To try the rosé and the rest of our wines, why not organise a tasting at the Bastijana winery in Jelsa? More info here.

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