Wednesday, August 14, 2013

150 Years of Family Wine Tradition: Tomic Unveils Vine Plaque

Basijana welcomed more than 100 guests to the winery last night for the unveiling of a new plaque in the main entrance hall in gratitude for to a vine which has been part of the family house in Jelsa for 150 years. 

On the plaque, Andro pays tribute to the vine of the Cibib variety for providing shade and a sweet taste for 150 years to the family. 

There were numerous speakers after Andro's introduction, including famous gastronom Veljko Barbieri.

Guests were then led down to the basement for some refreshment, including a selection of the Tomic range. It was a jovial evening and it did not take long for the guitar to come out, and the assembled crowd was in fine voice.

If you would like to see the vine, it is a beautiful site and is growing on the side of the family house in the centre of Jelsa, where Tomic also houses wine tastings and sales every evening during the season from 1930. From the main square, walk past the church and continue straight for 30 metres and the house and wine cellar is on the left. More information here.

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