Monday, February 3, 2014

How Does One Translate the Tomic Slogan into English?

Wine is a gift from God, something to be enjoyed, savoured, certainly not to be rushed. The philosophy at Tomic is nicely encapsulated in the winery's slogan, which in Croatian is "Pije se na ure, ne na litre." But how does one effectively translate that into English to bring across the essence of the sentiment?

Literally translated, it means "One drinks in hours, not in litres." While this brings out the meaning of the phrase, it lacks something, so we asked around for a few suggestions from native speakers of English, and our favourite submission was the following:

The Measure is in the Pleasure.

(with thanks to NoĆ©mi Csiki for the excellent suggestion)

We look forward to pouring you a measure for your pleasure this summer at Bastijana. To book your tasting, visit 

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