Sunday, February 23, 2014

Can Wine Make Us Look More Beautiful?

We have a friend, Uncle Luka, who claims that drinking wine has 3 phases. First you are pronouncedly smart. Then you are dreadfully strong. And at the end you are awfully beautiful. More to yourself than to the others.

Our Uncle Luka is only fooling around, of course! We all already know that one glass of wine per day can do miracles for our health. But what most people doesn't know is that, lately beauty  salons  are also using wine for their treatments.

So, Uncle Luka you see! We will not comment on the first two phases, but it looks like that wine can make us look more beautiful, indeed! Vines, grapes, seeds and wine are like small laboratories where nature keeps its powerful antioxidants. And because of them we are healthier, we age more slowly and our skin is more beautiful.

Beauty Salons know this, so they react accordingly. They are offering various wine treatments. Wine facial cleansing, grape seed oil massage, wine and honey wraps, anti-aging creams which contain wine powder are all just small part of their rich offer. There is more to wine than just truth. Beauty is in wine, too. And Andro Tomić wears its eternal smile and boyish ardour thanks to his plavac.

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