Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tomic Participating in Month of Bogdanusa in Split

As part of the general promotion of Hvar wines, Bastijana is delighted to be involved in 'A Month of Bogdanusa' at Paradox Wine and Cheese Bar in Split, which lasts until July 15.

Bogdanusa is an indigenous grape to the island of Hvar and is not grown anywhere else in the world. Why not come along and try some?

Tomic will also be supporting various events throughout the month on Hvar, including the Bogdanusa Night in Svirce on June 22, which promises to be an event of Dalmatian culture and tradition, including a game of the rare Dalmatian zoga falo. See a video report on last year's event below. 

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  1. Bastijana was once again in the international spotlight yesterday, as owner Andro Tomic gave an interview to Associated Press on the Prošek scandal. pinot grigio wine