Thursday, October 10, 2013

Discover the Wines of Andro Tomic: Hectorovich Prosek

While the Bastijana winery is used to media visits, this year saw a considerable rise in international journalists heading to Jelsa to meet Andro Tomic. The Daily Telegraph, Independent, Associated Press, Radio Sweden, The Irish Times and BBC Television were among those coming to Jelsa.

The increased interest was due to the so-called Prošek scandal, where new EU guidelines proposed that the name be changed so as to avoid confusion with the Italian sparkling Prosecco. More than one journalist left with a bottle or two of Andro's dessert wine in their luggage.

As one of Croatia's leading Prošek producers, Andro takes particular pride in his Prošek, and it is arguably his best-known product.

Prošek Hectorovich

Relative of the Italian Vin Santo and several other top quality Mediterranean sweet wines, Prošek originates in the coastal part of Dalmatia and Istria, which are also the only two regions where it is still made. Produced the traditional way, Prošek Hektorovich is the product of carefully picked more mature grapes with some dried grapes intermixed, grown on specially selected locations, which are then dried on straw for up to a month. The resulting wine is irresistibly sweet, with the ripe aromas of raisins, dried fruit and jam…
Prošek Hectorovich was named after Petar Hektorović, a great poet, hedonist and nobleman who came from the island of Hvar.

Wine Type: Sweet dessert wine
Grape varieties: Bogdanuša, Maraština, Prč, Yellow Muscat
Alc.: 15,0–16,0%
Residual sugar:
Content: 0,50 lit.

Served chilled to temperature of 10–12°C. This wine pairs wonderfully with desserts, especially dried figs and the traditional Dalmatian biscuits , as well as blue cheeses. Small children also tend to like it very much, so it is best to keep it out of their reach.

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