Thursday, November 14, 2013

Andro Tomic and Adristorical Lands: Great Video and an Evening at Bastijana

There was a major press trip this summer for the Adristorical Lands project, an EU-funded initiative to promote the culture and heritage of the countries sharing the Adriatic, from Italy round to Albania. The journalists spent time in Italy and the one place in Croatia included in the project - a small island called Hvar.

Of the 25-minute video, 8 minutes is about Hvar, including visits to Meneghello on Palmizana, Andro Tomic in Jelsa and various locations on the island. The whole video is interesting to put Hvar's cultural heritage into regional context, but fast forward to 17:18 is you want to see the Hvar piece only. The journalist's visit to Bastijana, including an interview with Andro in French, starts at 21:05.

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