Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sveti Klement: Is This the Lowest Vineyard in Croatia?

With its various micro-climates, different grape varieties and contrasting elevations of vineyard, the wines of Hvar are extremely diverse and worthy of exploring. Add into the mix the combination of indigenous grapes and the intoduction of more internationally-known varieties, and no wonder people are taking an increased interest in the island's 2,400 year wine history.

One of the most fascinating vineyards is on the biggest of the Pakleni Islands, Sveti Klement, where the grapes for the red and white Tomic wines of the same name are grown. Located just one metre above sea level, is this the lowest vineyard in Croatia? 

It is certainly one of the prettiest, and while the extra effort of transporting grapes from one island to the other takes time and effort, the harvest is a lot of fun - check out the team embarking on the 2012 harvest in the video by Hvar TV below. 

(With thanks to Visit Hvar for use of the photos)

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