Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hvar Wines and the Tradition of Organic Production

2398 years ago Ancient Greeks inhabited the island of Hvar. They raised the very first vineyards on the most spacious plain among the Adriatic islands – in the Ager of Stari Grad.  Two centuries later, Romans continued with wine production, but they also improved it. From ancient times until the past fifty years, people on the island of Hvar lived exclusively with an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals were not used, and exactly that is now a fundamental tenet of organic farming.  Hvar vineyards have ideal natural conditions for the production of organic wine. More  than 2600 hours of sunshine warms the vineyards throughout the year. South-facing slopes in particular „impose“ an ecological approach. On that steep terrain without moisture, with a small amount of rainfall and maximum insolation, reigns plavac mali, and most of the vineyards are processed manually.

Today, we are proud that we can observe an increasing return to traditional cultivation of grapes. Chemical protective agents are used less and less, but at the same time people are taking into account all available knowledge of the 21. century. Most of Hvar's winemakers today are restoring an ecological style of viticulture and winemaking.

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