Thursday, June 30, 2016

We are All Millennials: Andro Tomic at Opening of Pharos bayhill hvar hotel

No Hvar party is complete without Andro Tomic, and the Jelsa winemaker was a very contented guest at the recent opening of the newly refurbished Suncani Hvar hotel, Pharos bayhill hvar.

The former two-star hotel has undergone a 7 million euro makeover, and it is something of a departure for the hotel scene on the island, aimed at the millennial market.

It may be aimed at the younger crowd, but one thing remains the same - the quality of the wine on offer, and if you would like to try some of the Tomic range while staying at Pharos (or any other Suncani Hvar hotel this summer), ask your waiter, who will point out some of the Tomic favourites on the list. 

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