Sunday, July 31, 2016

How Far Does Tomic Wine Travel? A 90-Point Plavac Tasting in Indonesia!

Tomic wine tastings take place in various places. The most common of course are in the comfort of our Bastijana winery in Jelsa, and we are open daily during the season (and otherwise by appointment) to introduce our range of wines. 

But sometimes, tastings take place without our knowledge, in faraway places, but surely not many have taken place as far away as... Bali in Indonesia!

Check out this video below from the team at Exotic Wine Travel, the moment when they are first introduced to Plavac, with a bottle of Tomic Plavac 2013. And with a rating of 90 points from the tasting, this will probably not be the last time Exotic Wine Travel will be checking out the pride of Dalmatia. 

To learn more about our wine tours, visit the Bastijana website

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