Saturday, June 14, 2014

French Paradox

The term "French paradox" implies a somehow unusual situation in which French people suffer much less frequently from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, while at the same time consuming significant amounts of fat and alcohol, especially wine. The question is: What is it in the French diet that protects them? The result of scientific effort has linked red wine and health. The protective effect of wine on the heart and blood vessels has been  attributed to a substance called resveratrol. These phytochemicals are found in grapes and are responsible for many positive effects of wine.  Darker wines (opaque) should contain more resveratrol, although it may not always be so. Resveratrol richest wines are shiraz, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, etc. An important aspect of the French paradox refers to the cultural importance of the food in the daily lives of the French. For them, eating is a pleasure, not just satisfying nutritional needs. 

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