Saturday, June 28, 2014

What are predicate wines?

A courier of the now famous cellars of Schloss Johannisberg in 1775. went to get official permission to start the harvest, but he was several weeks too late because bandits kidnapped him. When he came back, the mold had already attacked the grapes and so "poor cellarer" became responsible for the first late harvest. Fortunately, the grapes were already mature enough, so it was not destroyed by mildew, on the contrary, it enriched the wine. Thus was created a new style of wine predicate wines.

Predicate wines are quality wines which satisfy the special requirements prescribed. These are wines that in good years and appropriate conditions of ripening grapes on the vine, and depending on their degree of overripe and time of harvesting and processing, achieve a special quality. Croatian law of wine distinguishes five types of predicate wines that can carry tags: late harvest, selected harvest, selected harvest of berries, selected harvest of dried berries and ice wine.

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