Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Andro Tomic Welcomes Master of Wine Jo Ahearne to the Bastijana Family

There is a little more French spoken at Bastijana these days, as Andro gets to know the latest face at the winery.

Bastijana welcomed Master of Wine Jo Ahearne to the Tomic family recently, and Bastijana is delighted to be assisting Jo in her new project to make her first vintage on the island of Hvar.

As there are more astronauts than Masters of Wine in the world (only 314 at the moment), Jo's arrival on Hvar is a great boost for the international image of Hvar wine, and Jo and Andro have been chatting along in their common language of French.

Welcome Jo, and we look forward to a first taste of a Plavac Mali made by a Master of Wine on Hvar.

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