Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Veliki Plavac Mali - a Majestic Addition to the Tomic Range

The Tomic wine range welcomed a majestic new arrival this year, with the release of Veliki Plavac Mali, a boxed wooden magnum of some of the very finest Plavac on Hvar. It has proved a hit so far wherever it has appeared, including at Wine Jam on Galesnik, where the photo above was taken. Learn more about Veliki Plavac Mali below.

VELIKI PLAVAC MALI - premium wine with natural varietal flavor intensity of dark and ripe fruit is rounded up to 18 months of aging in Slavonian barriques. Aroma of Plavac Mali, structure and complexity of flavor, bottled in a volume of 1.5 L and conveniently packed in a wooden box, is ideal gift for any wine lover.

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