Thursday, November 6, 2014

What to Do When It Rains on Hvar? Wine Tasting at Tomic

Life on a sunshine island has its attractions, and there is a reason why the beaches of Hvar are one of its most popular attractions.

But what is there to do on the rare occasions when Hvar's famous blue skies cloud over and it rains?

Rain, wind, or shine, the Tomic wine tasting experience awaits tourists and wine lovers who want to discover something a little different. In the Romanesque wine cellars at the Bastijana winery in Jelsa, tasting wine is not dependent on the weather, but it makes for an excellent way to spend the time while waiting for the traditional blue skies to return.

Wine tastings, from two persons to groups of more than 100, can be made by appointment throughout the year. For more information and to book, visit the Bastijana website

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