Saturday, November 8, 2014

Which Wine Glass Should You Use?


In order to really enjoy wine, one should have a good wine glass. Wine lovers often say that a glass is final clothing of some wine. To demonstrate the right color of wine in it, the glass should be thin, colorless and smooth. Wall wine glasses must be cone-shaped, with a wider bottom and narrower tip. This form ensures that (when gently swirling the wine in the glass) aromas of a wine concentrate on the top of the glass, which allows us to better and easier evaluate the wine. Also, if we swirl the wine too much, a cone shape makes the wine more difficult to "escape" out the glass. 

The height of the leg is important because it determines how much heat from the hand ie. the palm will cross on the glass (preferably less). That is why wine glasses are held by the leg, to prevent heating of the wine. White wine glasses have less capacity compared to those from which we drink red wine. The reason lies in the fact that white wine is drunk cooler than red, so we can drink this smaller quantity of wine before it warms up. The glass should never be filled to the brim, and when you are pouring the wine into glasses you should be careful that the neck of the bottle is never pressed against the edge of the glass.

From left to right: white wine glass, red wine glass, rosé wine glass, sparkling wine glass, dessert wine glass.

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