Sunday, January 11, 2015

Food and Wine Pairing, with some Tomic Wine Recommendations.

Food affects the taste of wine, and wine affects the taste of food. Knowing about these interactions can help us to avoid negative and unpleasant flavor combinations. It is important to emphasize that all people are not the same, which means that "good pairing" of wine and food is, after all, primarily a matter of personal taste.

We shall take the most basic flavors that dominate in food and their impact on the taste of wine:
Sweet food (desserts) seeks sweet wine, preferably sweeter than the food. Otherwise, the wine will seem bitter, sour and not fruity enough.

Acidic food (various sauces, stuffings ...) intensifies the impression of fruitiness and sweetness of wine, but it also reduces the acidity. With acidic foods (eg. salads...) we advise that you combine fresher wines, due to the balance of acid.

Fatty food is often best combined with more acidic wines - acid "cuts" through molecules of fat - which is good to keep in mind at this time of holiday feasts!

Salty food intensifies the impression of fruitiness of the wine and makes it richer, which is why some popular wines are often blended with salty cheeses (eg. dalmatian Prošek with gorgonzola or powerful red wine with cheese from island of Pag). Also, the salt in red meat causes a "softening" of tannins and makes the wine softer: for example Plavac mali wines and a delicious steak.

Very spicy food intensifies the impression of "fire in the mouth" - especially due to high levels of alcohol in wine. Therefore, we recommend that you combine spicy dishes with aromatic or lighter wines with less alcohol!

• Bitter food intensifies the taste of bitterness in wine.


First of all, rich dishes look for richer wine and vice versa, delicate dishes look for wines which will not overridden it. If you  want  to enjoy both the food and wine, you need to taste them equally, which means that they must be of a similar intensity.

A few selected examples from winery Tomic:
boiled white fish, Swiss chard with potatoes, fish broth from island of Hvar - Bogdanuša
• grilled whitefish, shrimp or lobster in Dalmatian sauce - Posip
• grilled bluefish, stuffed squid, octopus baked under the bell, fish stews and various red meat dishes - lighter Plavac
• steak, Dalmatian pasticada and other meat and dishes of complex taste - Plavac mali aged in barrique barrels
• Dalmatian rozata (dessert made from eggs, milk and sugar), various dry cookies – Dalmatian Prošek

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