Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How Many Calories are in a Glass of Wine?

Wine , chemically speaking, consists of approximately 85% water, 12% alcohol, and the remaining part consists of sugars, acids, aldehydes, tannins, esters, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients.

Calories (unit of measurement for energy; mark is cal) in wine come mainly from alcohol and sugar; and their share is largely dependent on the grape varieties as well as the climate.

Dry wines have a minimum sugar content (up to 4 g/l), while for example sweet wines have a sugar content higher than 50 g/l. One gram of sugar is about 4 kcal (kilocalories). The alcohol content in most wines ranges from 10 to 15% vol., and one gram of alcohol can be as high as 7 Kcal! Generally, we can say that about 1 oz of wine can have from about 60 to about 90 kcal!

However, it is good to note that despite the calories and alcohol, moderate consumption of wine (one or two glasses per day) has a beneficial effect on our health. This is due to the favorable realtion and composition of acid, tannins, minerals and vitamins. We are proud that our indigenous variety Plavac Mali is one of the very top of these by the share of tannins that have strong antioxidant properties.

And finally a few interesting facts: donut with topping (chocolate or vanilla) has approximately 190 kcal or almost two glasses of wine, a burger has about 390 calories or three and a half glasses of wine, while a portion of French fries has about 500 calories which is almost as four glasses of wine.

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