Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Of Presidents and Ambassadors: Which Hvar Wines were Served at the Inauguration?

Croatia's first female president took office last month with an impressive inauguration ceremony in Zagreb. 
As part of the ceremony, of course, a fine meal was put on for visiting dignitaries, and congratulations to the team at Bastijana, who had not one but TWO of the Tomic range on the menu.

According to a report in Vecernji List, there were two wines each served with the 3-course, include the Tomic Caplar with the main meat dish,the Tomic Hektorovich with dessert.

Bastijana is proud to have supplied the wines, not just to the President, but also  the American Ambassador, who was in Jelsa last summer stocking up on supplies - Tomic wines are also served at official American functions in Zagreb.  

Is it not time you paid a visit to Bastijana in Jelsa to taste the wines of presidents and ambassadors? Learn more on the official Tomic website.

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