Monday, March 24, 2014

From premium quality wine to vinegar from heaven!

Our elders say that a liter of a good vinegar is worth as much as a liter of the best wine! There is no good pašticada, Dalmatian  fish stew or salad without good vinegar.

Traditionally, people are producing vinegar in a way that they keep their wine in a wooden barrel or glass dish called damižana, in  which wine can, in contact with air, become vinegar. The sediment that accumulates on the bottom of the barrel is vinegar extract (the maelstrom). The maelstrom may originate from a hundred years ago because, as the vinegar from the barrel or damižana is used, the new wine is constantly topping up, which gradually turns into vinegar.

The process itself is quite slow, so damižana is often placed in the sun, because heat accelerates the acetate fermentation of wine, ie. the process of conversion of alcohol into vinegar. And for true sensation of taste, vinegar can be refined with aromatic herbs and flowers. In keeping with tradition, we at the Winery Tomic also enjoy the taste of vinegar from heaven!

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