Sunday, March 16, 2014

Poor soil for great Plavac mali

Diligent peasant hands have been taking out rocks from the land for years, arranging them into walls, so that small areas of land could be cultivated. Wild Mangold with olive oil and garlic, all together „improved“ with fish, for us island people is food from heaven. And heavenly food goes with heavenly wines. The poor soil  of our island gives us conversely quality wine grapes from which later will the tireless peasant hand and the  imagination of winemakers combine flavors to create great, harmonious wines.

Plavac Mali has gained its fame and won its reputation in vineyards of higher elevations, facing the sea. These are outstanding wines with extraordinary sensual characteristics. First, you will notice the intensive, deep rubine red color. The natural intensity of the varietal aroma of the dark and ripe fruit is rounded up by aging the wine in oak barrels. And the strongest sensation comes from the flavor which reveals its strength and complexity.

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