Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Legend of the Pakleni Islands

The god of the sea, Poseidon, seduces Zeus's beloved nymph Dahomar, and so in love, fearing to the anger of the Olympian ruler, they escaped to the Bay of Hadria, as the Adriatic sea was then called. Along the lonely cliff they indulged in their passion. Zeus, distraught with jealousy, slung a deadly lightning from the heavens to the libertines. Before the lightning hit and ignited the love bed, Poseidon and the nymph dived into the sea and continued their love game. And just as the passion in the water sparkled, Poseidon's love juice bounded on the surface. As soon as drops of Poseidon jumped out of the sea, Zeus' lightning burnt them and turned them into stone islands. According to legend by Theopompus, these islands are the Pakleni Islands in front town of Hvar.

The Pakleni Islands - a group of limestone islands in the vicinity of the town of Hvar. Although the name is associated with hell („pakao“ in Croatian means hell), the origin of the name is from "paklina" - type of pine resin, which was used in ship building. The islands are a protected monument of nature. The largest island in the group is St. Clement, from where the grapes for some of our wines come. Wine lovers especially appreciate the exotic harvesting on the Pakleni islands, setting out in the dawn, travelling by boats…

Check out the video below to see how a Tomic harvest is done on the Pakleni Islands - a magical experience.

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