Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Harking Back to Roman Opulence: Divine Wines Visits Tomic

2014 was a great year for wine tastings at Bastijana, and the winery is delighted at the steady increase of visitors to Jelsa who are keen to try the Tomic range. While not everyone writes about their experience at Tomic, it is always nice to receive some feedback,

One visitor last month was Lidija Biro from Divine Vines, who spent a couple of months on Hvar visiting and working with the island's winemakers. Lidija kindly wrote a blog about her visit to Tomic. Thank you Lidija, and we hope to see you back soon.

"During my stay on Hvar, I visited Tomić Winery (Bastijana est. 1997, in Jelsa, several times. The winery produces between 130,000 – 150,000 bottles yearly.

It has to be the most beautiful of the wineries to date from the stand point of decor, barrel cellar, and winery working area. A lot of thought (and money) has gone into the design of the winery.

Upon entering one is greeted in the pillared foyer where examples of three different soils and the wines these terroirs produce are on display." Read more...

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