Monday, December 22, 2014

New Limited Edition Wine from Tomic: Politak

It has been quite a year of innovation at Bastijana. First came the release of the Euforija brand, adding a harder liqour to the Tomic range of wines. This was followed by a limited edition quality wine, Veliki Plavac Mali. Available only in boxed magnums, the 1,800 bottles come from the very best Plavac Mali selection, and the wine has been a big hit already. 

And the good news is that Tomic is finishing the year with yet another quality addition to the range. An unusual late season harvest of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes on December 9 yielded enough for about 100 litres of wine. The working name for this new Tomic addition is Politak, which translates from dialect as 'after summer'. The wine will obviously not be available for a while, but it finishes of what has been a great year for the winery, with plenty of new things on offer. 

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