Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tomic Wines Now Available for Delivery All over Europe

One of the advantages of EU entry is that it is now easier to ship Croatian wines among the countries of our European partners, and the good news is that a firm in Zagreb is now offering a service to ship quality Croatian wines to the following countries:

 Austria,  Belgium,    Bulgaria,    Croatia,    Czech Republic,    Denmark,    Estonia,    Finland,
    France,  Germany,   Greece,    Hungary,    Ireland,    Italy,    Latvia,    Lithuania,    Luxembourg,
    Netherlands,    Poland,    Portugal,    Romania,    Slovakia,    Slovenia,    Spain,    Sweden,
    United Kingdom

On the list for purchase (cases can be mixed) are the Tomic Plavac (2010), Plavac Mali Barrique (2008), Caplar (2009) and Hektorovich Prosek. THe company also says it will source other wines on request. 

So to have your favourite Tomic wines shipped to your front door, click here.

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