Monday, September 23, 2013

Discover the Wines of Andro Tomic: Beleca

Visitors to Croatia are increasingly interested in the wines of the region, and with such a high number of indigenous grape varieties, there is a level of ignorance about the wines and the grapes used in producing some of our quality wines.

So it is time to unravel some of the mysteries of the wines of Andro Tomic. In the first in the series, we introduce one of our most popular white wines, Beleca.

Beleca wine is the first blend of Pošip and Bogdanuša. Originally from Korčula, Pošip has taken root in Hvar as well, and has recently become popular on the international wine scene as one of the most praised Croatian grape varieties. Bogdanuša, as an autochthonous Croatian variety, is planted on red soil which gives it a specific refreshing sour taste, which is why it pairs excellently with Pošip. In that synergy, each of the varieties provides its best: Pošip provides the strength, the typical fruity and floral varietal aromas (of apricot, peach and other fresh fruit) and minerality, while Bogdanuša provides the gentler floral aromas and freshness. The name of the wine means "beauty" in vernacular (Ital. bellezza).

Wine Type and Quality: Dry white wine, Quality wine
Grape varieties: Pošip (50%) and Bogdanuša (50%)
Locality: Jelsa, Vrboska, Vrbanj, Dol
Alc.: 12,5–13%
Content: 0,75 l

It is served chilled, at a temperature of 10–12°C. It is recommended as accompaniment to white meat, fish and shellfish dishes, as well as to more spicy dishes such as pesto, hard cheeses like Paški sir etc.

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