Friday, September 27, 2013

Discover the Wines of Andro Tomic: Caplar

Caplar, the top of the Tomic range, is a unique blend of the very best grapes combining the noble and indigenous Plavac Mali and the robust Cabernet Sauvignon in equal measures. The unusual name, CaPlaR, reflects that blend and quality, for it is short for CabernetPlavacReserva. 

"Plavac Mali grown on the south slopes of Hvar, and Cabernet from our vineyards on the north side of the island, are vinified separately, after which they are blended and aged for six months in barrique barrels. The result is a wine of softer tannins, in which the intensity and varietal aromas of the Plavac are refined by the elegance and freshness of the Cabernet. Characteristic flavours of plums, dried grapes and earth are complemented by aromas of blackcurrant, spices and other undertones. We predict that the wine has the potential for aging greater than that of other Plavac Mali wines. Every bottle proudly carries the signature of the winemaker which stands behind the idea printed on the label: "Produced in collaboration between Hvar, love and knowledge."

Wine Type and Quality: Dry red wine, Top quality wine 

Grape varieties: Plavac Mali (50%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (50%)

Locality: southern slopes of the island Hvar, Stari Grad and Jelsa
Alc.: 14–14.5%
Content: 0,75 l.

It is served at room temperature of 18°C. It is recommended as accompaniment to fried steak and red meat and game dishes, as well as various other dishes of a richer taste.

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