Monday, September 23, 2013

Discover the Wines of Andro Tomic: Opolo Nobile Rose

The plavac mali grape is the king of Dalmatian red wines, and the southern slopes of Hvar are among the best locations in the world for this relative of Zinfandel to flourish. And yet while the red wines may attract most of the plaudits, plavac mali also produces some fine rose wines, and the Bastijana rose is among one of our most popular wines.

Rosé wine Opolo Nobile is made from Plavac Mali grapes, using a special technology (skin contact: 12 hours) that gives this wine an attractive pink colour and its distinctive fruity freshness. Opolo Nobile was modelled on young French (Beaujolais Nouveau) wines, and is enjoyed as a young i.e. a year old wine (ideally up to 10 months).

Wine Type and Quality: Dry pink wine, Quality wine

Grape varieties: Plavac Mali

Locality: central part of the island, Svirče, Jelsa, Vrbanj

Alc.: 11,5–12%

Content: 0,75 lit.

Serve chilled to a temperature of 10–12°C. It pairs very well with light dishes, hors-d'oeuvres, pastas, risottos, carpacio, etc..

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