Friday, September 27, 2013

Discovering the Wines of Andro Tomic: Plavac

Although there are other varieties which produce red wines on Hvar, none comes close in terms of quality to the noblest Croatian grape variety of all, Plavac Mali, which translates as 'little blue'. Related to the better-known Zinfandel, the plavac wines are strong and concentrated, and require considerable skill to achieve the right results.

"For years, Plavac Tomic has been debunking the myth that a steep price necessarily follows the high quality of the Plavac wines. As one of the varieties with the longest vegetation period, Plavac demands a large number of sunny days, which is why it has become common in Hvar, where the selected grapes used for Plavac Tomic also come from. The specific quality of our wine is the softness and elegance which we try to obtain from the otherwise arrogant nature of this autochthonous Dalmatian variety. Typical varietal aromas of earth, plum and dark berries are given a finishing touch by a shorter aging in oak barrels, which gives the wine discrete notes of wood, coffee and spices.

Wine Type and Quality: Dry red wine, Quality wine
Grape varieties: Plavac Veliki and Plavac Mali (with traces of Drnekušica)
Locality: Central part of the island, Svirče, Jelsa, Vrbanj
Alc.: 12,5–13,5%
Content: 0,75 lit.

Served at a room temperature (18–20 °C), Plavac pairs well with a variety of meat dishes, tomato sauces, bruschettas, dried tomatoes etc."

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